Financial Therapy

"Because money has symbolic as well as material significance, it is implicated, directly or indirectly, in virtually all of one’s needs"  

- Edwin A. Locke, psychologist, Setting Goals for Life and Happiness, 2005


When used appropriately, money has the power to help bring us whatever it is that we need, want, and, ultimately, leave behind as part of our legacy.  In fact, as research shows, money can most certainly help bring us happiness, when used strategically and in alignment with our well-considered values.  Yet, so many individuals and families struggle with numerous aspects of managing their financial lives; and, the negative impact of those struggles can be devastating.  

Our Financial Therapists’ role is to help you:

  • discover the values you’ve established around money and your use of it.
  • understand the impact those values have had on your relationship with money, as well as the impact of that relationship on your personal interactions with others.
  • answer the question:  “what’s important about money to me and how can I best use it to help bring me happiness?”.
  • prioritize your financial and life goals and then look at the role money will play in helping to achieve those goals.
  • create a plan to move forward with a healthier relationship with money and, ultimately, those closest to you.    

At Advice2Advisors, our Financial Therapists partner with an array of specialists including couple and family therapists, lawyers, accountants and certified financial planners, to help our clients better understand their relationship with money and to make better choices around money matters.  Individuals, couples and families can all benefit from making money an ally rather than an adversary, and very often it only takes a few sessions to do so.  

Make the investment.