Introducing White Glove: Our Syndicate Partner

White Glove is a digital marketing company that specializes in planning, managing and promoting educational seminars in a variety of industries. White Glove takes on all the seminar planning work and risk through a 100% done-for-you program that brings the right attendees to each workshop, and in turn, helps advisors grow and scale their business. 


What's all the hype about White Glove?

"I spent my first 30 years in the industry building,  marketing and delivering financial seminars to the public. The only part that I truly loved was the delivery. The rest was a grind! If only White Glove had been around 30 years ago, I could have relinquished the entire marketing to them. "   Daniel Collison


White Glove Hosts get our custom-built content

As a syndicate partner, we build and support seminar content and coach FA's to deliver an engaging experience for the audience. 

Our presentations are unique and built to disturb the attendees to what they don't know and to motivate them to take action, with you as their Trusted Advisor. 

Protecting Your Estate Presentation - FREE Preview

Protecting Your Estate, Watermark Preview (pdf)


Taxes in Retirement Presentation- FREE Preview

Taxes in Retirement Watermark Preview (pdf)