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Training Solutions for Financial Advisors


 Introductory and advanced workshops designed to cultivate superior planning capabilities, sales skills and client acquisition strategies. From our 8-part premier program "MastersSeries for FAs" to our individual workshops such as "Tax Planning for FAs" and "Estate Planning for FAs", our training workshops take the most technical aspects of financial planning and turn them into a prospecting game plan, guaranteed to help a financial advisor of any tenure grow their business, strategically.

Mentoring and One-on-One Coaching Programs


Advice2Advisors uses two empirically-based coaching methodologies:  Positive Psychology Coaching and Goal-Centered Coaching. With our positive psychology approach we work on the individual’s personal well-being, focusing on:  positive emotions, positive engagement, positive relationships, meaning, and achievement (PERMA).  With our goal-based approach, we qualify  the most important goals to focus on and then quantify the goals (S.M.A.R.T.),  (S.W.O.T.), to put actionable plans in place to ensure absolute goal achievement.

Corporate Keynote Presentations


Our presentations incorporate the most up-to-date empirical research available.  They are designed to shift perspectives, inspire new ways of thinking, provide proven tools and strategies and, ultimately, inspire participants to take immediate action.  Whether it's "PainFREE Prospecting", "Optimal Human Functioning: The New Science of Superior Performance", or "Drive Your Business with Passion", participants are sure to walk away with the knowledge and strategies to compete and win at any level. 

We Believe


At Advice2Advisors we believe financial advisors require world-class training, mentoring and coaching to compete and succeed in today's hyper-competitive environment. For over 25 years, we've been helping advisors gain the knowledge and confidence to grow and flourish in all aspects of their professional lives.

Our programs incorporate the latest technologies and utilize cutting-edge social media trends, providing new ways to deliver results effectively and creatively. Guided by the leadership of Daniel Collison, an expert in the industry for almost 30 years, we've built a solid foundation for success that puts us at the  forefront of advisor training.  

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