About Us


Who We Are

Our Advice2Advisors team has partnered with an array of extraordinary coaches with a wide range of backgrounds, education and specializations.  With this multi-disciplinary approach, we optimize the diverse strengths of our team, and by doing so, provide an unparalleled level of support to help drive our clients’ success. 


Our Unique Approach


At Advice2Advisors our approach is simple:  We take the best strategies of World-Class Advisors, combined with the most current empirical research, and deliver processes that, when implemented strategically, take a Financial Advisor to the top of their game.  By doing so, Advisors utilize their unique Character Strengths, unleash their professional Passion, drive results through Peak Performance and, ultimately, Flourish in all aspects of their business.  In turn, clients experience  an unparalleled level of expertise that ensures their personal financial success while promoting a guaranteed system of referability.


Why Us?

Advice2Advisors is not a firm that looks to motivate.  We believe that the greatest motivation is intrinsically driven.  Our objective is to inspire Financial Advisors to find their unique motivation and then support them with the best training, mentoring, and coaching in the industry.  We are here to partner and drive excellence.  

Meet the Team

Daniel Collison BA, CFP, TEP, Managing Partner

Dan has over twenty-five years of experience in the financial services industry, having worked for many years as a practitioner. His primary focus and passion has been on the education and development of financial advisors with a specific emphasis on ensuring a comprehensive, holistic approach to financial planning. Dan has developed and delivered hundreds of programs for training, mentoring and coaching advisors of all tenure – using a combination of positive psychology coaching and goal centered coaching.  He regularly presents seminars and keynote addresses to prospects, clients, advisors and management teams.  Dan teaches Personal Financial Management in the MBA Program at Schulich School of Business, York University, and is the acclaimed author of The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Excellence, Carswell Publishing.  His forthcoming book, PainFREE Prospecting, The Financial Advisors’ Guide to Client Acquisition,will be out later this year.  When not working on his professional passion, Dan spends as much time as  possible with his family; boating, 

snowmobiling and thrashing about at the cottage. 

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Tina Carthigaser CSSR, Marketing Director

​Over the past 10 years, Tina’s Human Resources expertise has morphed into expert-level, social media marketing maven.  Developed during her Talent Acquisition days, Tina turned her innovative and strategic sourcing techniques towards partnering with Financial Advisors to help them with their marketing and prospecting needs.  Tina specifically focuses on working with advisors in planning, managing and promoting educational seminars and workshops to drive client acquisition. In her spare time, you can find Tina cuddled up with her pug Benson and enjoying time with her family at the lake. 

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Strategic Alliance

Nicole Rau, CPA, CA

Nicole has partnered with A2A to spearhead our Financial Therapy Division.  She is a member of the F

Nicole has partnered with A2A to spearhead our Financial Therapy Division.  She is a member of the Financial Therapy Association and is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 25 years of international experience in the financial services industry.  She combines her financial planning background in budgeting, investments, taxation and risk management, with her therapeutic approach, which address the emotional, behavioural, and relational hurdles that affect individuals and couples.  In her down time, Nicole, along with her rescued American pooch, Bear, enjoys travelling and photographing the great outdoors.  

Joseph Sidaros MBA, CIAM, CMFA


Joseph, Strategic Consultant and Executive Coach, has partnered with A2A to provide an array of management development, coaching and training services to our clients.  With 35 years of driving creativity,innovation and the capacity to effectively adapt to change, he has the ability to motivate managers, executives, and other key players to peak performance. Being fluently bilingual, Joseph can deliver coaching and training in both French and English.  Joseph and his wife Carole have 4 wonderful kids and live in the small town of Blainville, just north of Montreal.​​